Companies working on Starch based Plastics


Companies (Producers and Processors) in Starch based Plastic

Company / Country Remarks
1 Avebe (Netherlands) a potato based starch manufacturing company produces Paragon
2 BioBag in Norway Big processors of Mater-Bi. , the world’s biggest producer of blown biopolymer film
3 BioBag in Norway Big processors of Mater-Bi (world’s biggest producer of blown biopolymer film)
4 BIOTEC manufacturing garbage plastic bags (FARDEM)
5 Biotec (Germany) Produces Bioplast suitable for injection molding as well as sheet film extrusion and blown film.
6 Cere-plast Compounds PLA with starch and other ingredients. Cereplast recently announced a capacity boost of 40 million lb/yr.
7 CPR Corp. (Japan) Production of bioplastics from cassava in Vietnam.
8 EarthShell Corporation Uses reclaimed starch from the commercial processing of potatoes and French fries. This maximizes the efficiency of potato processing and reduces costs. Limestone, recycled fiber are the other ingredients. Many food containers like trays, cups, plates, wraps etc are produced with this material.
9 Hitachi (Japan) Plant to produce cassava-based bioplastic in Vietnam started production in 2008.
10 Hitachi Zosen (Japan) Production of bioplastics from cassava in Vietnam.
11 Huhtamaki in Finland Big processors of Mater-Bi.
12 Huhtamaki in Finland; and Big processors of Mater-Bi
13 KU-GREEN (Kasetsart University a Spin-off Company) (Thailand) Has started production of Food trays of bioplastics from cassava starch.
14 National Starch and Chemical Eco-Foam
15 National Starch and Chemical Co. Licenses/produces Ecofoam
16 Novamont (Italy)


Mater-Bi, (manufactured primarily from corn or potato starch), 35,000-ton/year plant

dominant global supplier and is also the largest seller

Mater-Bi is suitable for manufacturing injection moulded pieces, films (for bags) and a starched based loose fill packaging material, fast food tableware (cutlery, cupsplates etc), food containers, and agricultural mulch film.

17 Plantic in Australia Makes a water-soluble starch/PVOH compound with silicate nanoclay added. It is used captively to make thermoformed candy trays. Recently, Plantic developed grades for blown film.
19 Rodenburg Biopolymers, Netherlands Produces ‘Solanyl’ (made from potato waste). Solanyl is principally marketed for ‘Grow and Go’ nursery pots and other horticultural applications.
20 Solanyl Biopolymers Inc. (Canada) manufacturer of starch-based biodegradable polymers – Solanyl BP.
21 Wentus in Germany Big processors of Mater-Bi.
22 Wentus in Germany Big processors of Mater-Bi


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